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Melina Megaridis Headshot
Melina Megaridis
Ada Hui Headshot
Ada Hui
Hi! I’m Ada and I’m a junior majoring in computer engineering and minoring in art and design (I know they’re like complete opposites). Despite being an enginerd, I like to think of myself as decently outgoing and easy to talk to. I love listening to indie/electronic rock music, exercising/sports, photography, and just chilling in general. I am the Spikin’ for Homes Fundraising Chair. I first joined Habitat for Humanity in high school my sophomore year and went on my first blitz build the summer after my junior year. I like Habitat because it is one of very few clubs where you can personally see the difference you’re making in someone’s life and see the smiles on the families' faces. That being said, I’m so excited for what the next year holds with Habitat!! Feel free to email me with any questions you might have!
Ruoxi Su Headshot
Ruoxi Su
Hi! My name is Ruoxi, which means morning sunshine. As a senior in Communication, I enjoying talking with different kinds of people. I also love to play the piano and travel. Let's build HOPE together with Habitat!
Jerri Zhang Headshot
Jerri Zhang
Hey everyone! I'm Jerri, a sophomore majoring in Psychology. I've been involved in Habitat since a winter build trip in my freshmen year. What makes me keep up with Habitat is not only the various opportunities to volunteer and the satisfaction you get from contributing, but also the welcoming and friendly environment here! I'm also a huge movie fan and I like traveling, scuba diving, hanging out with friends, candies, adventures and lots of stuffs! Hope everyone enjoy your time with habitat!
Christian Cho Headshot
Christian Cho
Hi, my name is Christian. I'm majoring in Economics and joined Habitat last year. I like playing the guitar and golf! Golf is da bomb. Can't wait to meet all of you.
Kristin Osakada Headshot
Kristin Osakada
Hi! My name is Kristin, I'm a senior majoring in statistics and I'm excited to be working concessions this year with Habitat!

Recent News

What Does This Committee Do?

Fundraising is one of the most fundamental aspects of Habitat for Humanity.  In order to build a home, there must be financial means of doing so. The average house in Champaign County costs approximately $65,000 to build. Our goal is to raise that amount over the course of two years in order to fund a home-build every other year. It is the role of fundraising directors to create and organize fundraising events throughout the semester in order to meet the obligations of the present house and plan for a future one. Fundraising will run about 5-8 events per semester.
Fundraising directors work closely together and are in charge of all internal fundraising events for Habitat for Humanity. Responsibilities include planning and making preparations for events such as canning, Assembly Hall, Bergner's Community Day Sale, and other events.
We are always looking for new fundraising opportunities. If you have any ideas or would like to get involved in planning for events, please email or see either fundraising director during office hours.


Do You Have Any Suggestions?

We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve our committees and our events. If you have any suggestions, please use the form below to submit them to us. Thank you!

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